Monday, May 11, 2009


This process of closing the deal on the house has made us all quite antsy. We haven't felt this way while trying to sell... only now that we are actually selling it! The 30 days to closing have dragged and so it doesn't feel like this big climax of "selling"... the first few weeks were too uncertain (after all we've been there before), then it sank in around week three that this was a go and so just as the closing has been gradual so too has the psychological process of adjusting to having finally "sold" been gradual. It still doesn't really feel "real". No fireworks. Maybe I'll need a cigarette after signing papers though... Maybe it will feel real when we don't make that payment. Gus is dealing with the sale reluctantly (as he deals with everything in his life!) He asked me yesterday how many days more he had to come up with the money in order to buy the house before the buyers... It's certainly taken all the fun out of writing this blog.

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