Monday, May 11, 2009

Neil's deciding....

Neil has heard from at least four sources that the fifth grade teacher is awesome and cool and rad and altogether not to be missed. He had decided that he was going to do one more year of home school but now is back on the fence... Trent is encouraging him to go and meet the teacher. I am encouraging Trent to go and meet the teacher WITH Neil. I've been given the go ahead to set up an appointment. I am 90% certain that Neil will LOVE Mr Rooney (Neil likes to like people) and 95% certain that he will sign up for fifth grade before the end of this month. I told him that I'd like him to decide before summer begins so that the school knows, the home school group knows and I know (so that I don't spend the month of August figuring out curriculum). It will seem crazy to have all three gone to school each day and just me and Bay at home. Crazy. And easy. And lazy. And fun.

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