Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Early to bed and early to rise....

Gus is a nightmare in the morning. Yesterday was the straw. I was seething with anger after putting up with his shit for about 40 minutes before hauling him away from the kitchen and ordering him out the door to the bus.... without breakfast. I put him on the bus saying "okay... if you want to you can buy breakfast at school...." Then he looked at me (murderously) and said "I've no more money in my lunch account". Now, bear in mind that this is the pinnacle of the morning... I start waking him a few minutes before 7 a.m. in my special "make Gus happy" voice, give him his clothes... (no annoying ones), start asking him gently what he'd like for breakfast... (plenty of options).... get HIS backpack ready, help him UNknot HIS shoes before I finally lose my temper and march him out the door....... I didn't think I could get any angrier... when he added "I forgot to give you the piece of paper". Tuesday's are horrible... there is no time to do anything but get kids to where they need to be and head the 15 miles to the Tuesday School location. Soooo (nixing my chances of Mother of the Year Award aGAIN) I decided to let him go hungry. In my defense I figured they'd give him lunch... When he got home he reported that Mrs Curtin (now leading the pack for Teacher of the Year Award, no DOUBT) had given him Graham Crackers that she keeps for kids who DON'T HAVE ANY LUNCH MONEY. (I am torn between cringing and beating him.... cringing and beating him....) I laid it on Trent... and kept the expletives to a minimum "YOU are getting him UP from now on and YOU are NOT leaving until he has started his breakfast". Trent said "okay". Gus was a dream this morning. (Obviously) (This puts me head of the pack for the Crazy Mother Award aGAIN).

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