Monday, June 22, 2009

Damned drugs!

Oh my GOSH! I have never had to deal with side effects from drugs.... NEVER. I'm not often off antibiotics for very long anyway... in the last few years I've been able to go longer and longer without any... Therefore I NEVER check drug interactions/side effects... NEVER. Don't have to. Don't bother. File the paperwork away for insurance tracking purposes ONLY. A week after starting a new-ish antibiotice I started to feel like crap. I've taken antibiotics in the same category as this new-ish one so it never struck me that I might be reacting to it. Drowsy, nauseous, dizzy.... I figured I had some kind of virus.... A week into the two week course it hit me that it might be the drug. And... yes.... it was.... All my symptoms were there... CRAP! Now I was halfway through the course which WAS (interestingly working on my infection....) So, I just waited it out... our rather napped it out.... haha.... Not a whole lot got done around here... laundry, cooking, cleaning.... It would have been nice if the naps had felt like fun... but mostly I just felt crappy... and ANNOYED (as Gus would say). Trent was pretty awesome about it. Now, truthfully what the HELL is he going to do about it.... but (BUT) I have to give him credit here. He is fucking brilliant when I am sick. Brilliant. And, I must say that I, on the other hand am not brilliant when he is sick. I am bored waiting for him to recover.... I just want him better so we can move on and DO stuff. He.... takes over. Does the stuff that I am not getting done. Lookit, OBVIOUSLY he doesn't do it all as WELL as I can do it... BUT he gets it done. AND he does it in a very pragmatic way. No moaning... no sighing... (he does yell at the kids to pull their weight!) He'll eat as much cereal for dinner as he has to until I'm well again. I'm pretty happy with him really. AND I'm better.

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