Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Technical Difficulty

I brought the boys to the lake today. They had new snorkels and masks and HAD to get to water. They would have found a way to use them in the house so we headed for Lake Crescent. I forgot my camera (what is the POINT in these excursions if NOT to photograph them so I have PROOF that I did "stuff" with them when they complain at the end of August that "we didn't DO anything all summer"). So I used my camera phone. First off I have the cheapest phone that came with our phone plan so needless to say, the camera is a piece of crap. (I'd do better with a pinhole camera.) Soooo I take some photos and later when Gus sees them (at home) he says "You can't even SEE me! Why didn't you zoom in". I said in my patient mom voice... "Gus, it's not like MY real camera : it doesn't HAVE a zoom". He said in his patient 'Boy- Talking-To-Moron' voice "Yeah it does, you just hit the "UP" arrow like this". (And then he did it and it DID zoom.)

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