Thursday, July 16, 2009


We have a new dog. He adopted us. Or rather, he adopted the large group of people camping here over the Fourth of July. For whatever reason, Drake decided that the sprawling field of tents containing a sprawling mess of kids and adults and dogs was exactly what he wanted in a family. Soooo he moved in. Actually, he seemed to be an outdoor dog because he moved to outside our door and wouldn't actually set a paw inside the house. After about five days of working him the boys got him to come in. Bad choices overcame him once he took that first step, now we have to drag him OFF the beds at night because he seems to think that he gets to sleep on them. He is HUGE. He doesn't eat much YET. He sleeps a LOT (maybe because he is growing (oh shit!) and he is most definitely a big baby. He won everyone's hearts by his need for physical touch. He stands next to you and nudges your hand so that his head is shoved under it, then he just plants himself there. If you sit down you have to be aware that he WILL be wrapped around the chair legs when you try to get up. He is not motivated by food (yet) but our dogs may retrain him there. Even Trent wanted him. He seems to ignore his name (he'll fit right in here...)

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