Thursday, July 16, 2009

My best friend from school.

(Hello Helen!!! )

Helen might not have been a lurker if I was any normal kind of friend who actually kept in touch. Luckily for me she puts up with my lack of communication (as do most people who know and/or love me)! I am a horrible friend when it comes to keeping in touch. So.... when Helen called and I started catching up with her she said "I knowwwww all that! I've been reading your blog". What's good here is that Lisa P or others may read this and see that my lack of communication is not a reflection on our relationship. It simply confirms that I am a lazy friend and I HATE the phone. Yes, I am a bad, bad person, but I do manage to get away with it, which of course only makes me worse.

Helen and I know each other since we were 12. At that time in our lives we knew absolutely everything about each other. We would hang out at school and then go home and call each other for two hourly nightly chats. Our parents used to go MENTAL at the amount of time we'd spend on the phone having spent our whole day together. If Helen would just get off her arse and call more often we could probably pick back up where we left off... but nooooooo she's awful at calling. Luckily for her, I don't take it personally.

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