Sunday, July 19, 2009


I think I'm stiff and sore already. Tomorrow I have committed to working out at the local YMCA. It's not a lovely modern Y like the one near where we used to live, but they have a decent schedule of classes AND daycare so I have run out of excuses and WILL work out tomorrow morning. It will take me at least two weeks to feel like I like it AND for my brain to be able to coordinate with the rest of my body to use muscle groups that have been all too happy to be unused in over a year. Bay was with me when I signed up and wanted to go into the daycare room right away. I've never left her anywhere by herself before but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll like it there. I don't have to worry about that for a while though because while the boys are home I'm taking advantage of them and the earliest classes and Bay may very still be asleep when I get home. Until the remodel is underway she sleeps in the same room as Gene (and Drake has taken to sleeping in there too) so if she does wake up, there's no way they won't all wake up too.) She's pretty noisy in the morning.

Where the hell are my workout shoes? Crap.

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