Monday, July 20, 2009

Ratty sneakers

Crap. I'm going to have to spruce up my workout wardrobe... particularly in the sneakers department. I have some nice stuff from back when I worked out YEARS ago but my sneakers.... baaaaaad. Look like street shoes.....

The work out was actually pretty easy. In fact I hope that it isn't usually that easy because although I was straining physically, it was no challenge in terms of the routine. At the risk of sounding oh-so-smug they'd better turn it up a level or I'll be bored. It is very likely that they actually dumbed it down because there were two of us there who were new. Yes... isn't that lovely.... I bitch about it. The people were really nice, no one seemed to take it TOOO seriously, the music was loud and current, there was a nice range of ages and body types so I think I'll really enjoy it there. I need Gus to come with me one day so that Bay can go to the daycare for the first time with someone.

I should be there again tomorrow but I'm going to take the boys to Buckley. I'm in need of some Jennifer-time.

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