Saturday, July 25, 2009

My goal.... Michelle Obama's Ams... or as close as I can get....

If I work out tomorrow morning (which is becoming somewhat unlikely as it is not 12:30 a.m.) I will have worked out four times this week. I'd love to keep this up, realistically I will probably be doing good if I get there three times. The first two days were easy, I did a Step Class, which was not too difficult (with an HILARIOUSLY funny instructor, who made the workout damn entertaining) then a Weights Class, still feeling good, cocky even... I was feeling no ill effects at ALL. Then I woke up this morning and felt it... stiff, achey, sore.... On a positive note, this did prove to me that I was actually achieving something for all the inconvenience of getting TO the gym! Today I did Yoga (which was probably a good thing... it was physically demanding but I also got to really stretch out my tightened (not in a good way) muscles. Tomorrow there is a Spinning Class which I've always wanted to try. (Where do I get a gel seat, Nicole???)

I can now go to the U on Monday and tell them that though I may not have been working out for long, I will definitely be continuing.

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