Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"A Sister Is A Friend Forever" (or something like that). (Of course so is a kitty.)

I would NEVER buy a smooshy card for MY sister. And if SHE ever bought one for me she would NEVER live it down. But we really are the very best of friends. When we get together my main goal is to "hang out". (Well.... I do love to shop in Bellingham... so I must admit I love JUST "hanging out" AND "hanging out while shopping" too.) We have the best time and I never laugh as much as when Dearbhla's around.

It's not as though we live far apart. I'm two hours from Brian and Terry and four from Dearbhla and Tom but it seems to be ridiculously hard for us all to get together. We have SUCH a blast when we do. Some of my best memories are all of us sitting around in Victoria hanging out and well, quite frankly laughing about all kinds of stuff.

There have been a few times where it's even included Barry and Mona, which is even more bizarre and more fun. Those times that we have all been together (in the roles of FUNCTIONAL adults!) have been hilarious.

All our houses are pretty fun and relaxing to visit but rumor has it that Mona treats all guest to BREAKFAST IN BED. Seriously. Barry probably doesn't realize how lucky he is (not that HE gets breakfast in bed... I don't know if he does or not) but ANYONE who goes to the trouble of providing breakfast in bed to ANYONE anyTIME has got to be a pretty cool wife! None of the rest of us do it. On school mornings I provide breakfast and clean up afterwards.... but on days off... the boys are on their own and they'd better clean up too! (AND feed their sister). Breakfast in bed around here would require a doctor's note.

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