Friday, July 31, 2009


Ginny got in the garbage again. Less than a month ago she cost us $180 (we had to take her in on a Saturday so it cost more). Today it was ONLY $144. I know it shouldn't be about the cost. BUT... she has officially used up her available medical stipend for the next five years. She is SUCH a pig!

Also... I couldn't get her fat ass in the door of the vet's office. She literally sat on the pavement outside the office and no matter how I coaxed, tugged, pulled, yanked and shoved she would not budge. At one point (I had already opened the door to go in when she hunkered down so the whole waiting room could hear us) I decided that I would lift her up. She's not huge but she IS solid... I managed to get her front end up but couldn't move her.... I was SO sweaty and embarrassed. Also, because of the witnesses I had to use my best cajoling-animal-loving voice... ("it's okay Ginny... come-on gooooood girl.... come-on) when in my head I'm saying "Listen lard ass... you got yourself into this.... get IN there now... or I'll have you euthanized..... STILL like the GARBAGE Ginny? Huh??"

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