Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer... not over yet!

Working out is going well. I've tried all kinds of classes by just showing up when I can and forcing myself to take whatever was on offer. I still favor Step, but yoga is cool and the weights/strength training will give my wimpy arms some definition so I'm there for purely vain reasons. The Summer is almost over and on one hand we've done a lot... on the house... but very little with the kids... It had to be this way but I do feel like I've gypped them somewhat. Fourth of July was such a highpoint for us... the kids loved having all their cousins and still talk about that weekend. Swimming at Jennifer's pool on that hot, hot, hot day was great! We've had at least six days at the lake which even Gene likes and the little boys love (snorkels in hand). I have NO idea what I am doing for birthdays... not a clue.... and I usually have a fairly reasonable idea by now... but not this year. Trent wants to get them TOOL BOXES... (I called HIM a tool for THAT idea and reminded him of how when Gene was little all I'd want to get him was BOOKS and he'd remind me that that was what I wanted him to want... not necessarily something Gene would be ecstatic over...........) Neil needs a new bike, so that's a possibility... but Gene?? All he wants is a Quad and that's NOT going to happen.

My garden has been besieged by weeds. Overtaken. Abused. Overwhelmed. Beaten down. It must have been so much easier back in the day when you went out with your WEED KILLER and sprayed all offending plant life..... I kept up at the beginning, put up a decent fight but lost the war....

We are however harvesting potatoes (which are fabulous) and carrots (which are delicious) and the lettuce is thriving (baby, rocket and red leaf). Hopefully we'll get to eat the corn before the weather turns... cause it's got a long way to go before there are any actual ears visible........ (Corn's NOT my department... take your questions to Trent.)

It has definitely been a learning garden!

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