Thursday, August 6, 2009


The boys are watching WAY too much TV and playing WAY too much xbox... It's reached a critical stage... It almost makes me glad the summer is almost over because I may not have to battle them to adjust their evil ways... the calendar will do it for me. Today in the car, on the way home from Costco they were so naughty (mostly messing with each other, touching each other, some yelling) but then some game started whereby each kid would claim dibs on various landmarks, cars, trucks, buildings.... That's when it got out of hand. All of a sudden the volume in the car went WAY up. (Gus has a loud voice anyway). All the boys got into it (even GENE!) and they are all so competitive... I almost lost it more than once. Finally I told them that if there wasn't silence ("I want ALL voices OFF") that I was taking away the xbox for the rest of the summer. Truth be told I've been looking for a reason to do this for about two weeks. Of course, they failed.... and so the xbox is MINE.

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