Saturday, August 22, 2009

Max, Rhino, Wambo

I came back from Buckley with a ROOSTER. Bay is calling him "Max". Neil and Gene want to call him "Rhino". I like "Rambo" because of how Bay says it ("Wambo"). Our friends Corey and Trina gave him to us. She had too many roosters and asked (somewhat jokingly) if I wanted one. WANTED ONE??? Did I EVER??? Neil and I have wanted one for months!!!! Gene was appalled... immediately called Trent (the snitch... Gene that is....) and Trent said (I'm sure very sarcastically) "Good for mom". We drove from Buckley to Port Angeles with the rooster in a box. Bay mostly kept it on her lap. The rooster travelled fine but did poo a few times (so hard to have to censor myself.... this sentence was MADE for an expletive.... MADE for it).

He seems to have settled in. The chickens picked on him at first (apparently that's "normal" according to Trina, who knows these things (I LOVE my friends!!!).

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