Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crack of Dawn.....

I must first say that the sound didn't actually WAKE me... but when Trent's alarm went off and I woke up I became aware of the noise and simultaneously aware that I'd been hearing it for some time (while asleep). The rooster (we HAVE to call him Rory... there's no way I'm NOT calling him Rory...) was making this absurd squawking noise.... REPEATEDLY.

Now, I must also say that our window was open... so it wasn't so obnoxious after I closed the window. It is NOT a cock-a-doodling yet... it's SOOOOOO pre-pubescent!!! And really funny!! (It'd be funnier if it wasn't 5.45 am, but we get up at 6 anyway....) but it IS funny!!! It's just a very undignified sound. I'd say the chickens are all sorts of pissed off at him!!!!!  I can't wait till he crows!!!!!! I love him....

Rory is the BEST!

Long live Rory!!!!!

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