Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nice Camera....

I met a guy at a party (haven't said THOSE words in a long, long time....) who KNOWS cameras.  There was a campfire and I was about to shoot a few pictures and he asked what setting I was going to use....  I bashfully admitted "P" (on Canon cameras there is a "Creative Mode" called "P" for "Program"...."P" does all the settings for you...  so although it's NOT an "automatic setting" (Heaven FORBID) it's a total cheat setting).  So Lee starts to show me how to use "M" mode, which is the freakiest of ALL the Creative Settings because in "M" mode you are ON your own (baby).  "M" scares the pants off of an amature like me.  BUT... Lee showed me how to mess with the settings until I got some interesting campfire photos.  I didn't take anything worthy of any praise, but today at the fair I stepped away from my safe, old, reliable "P" and turned things up a notch. 

I've been feeling quite lame about my photography lately.  I've been taking purely functional photos... in strictly functional ways.  Soooo it's no surprise that my photos have been.... functional.  Last night I was forced to use my camera in the way it was designed to be used and once I did it I realised that maybe I haven't forgotten all that I learned in the classes I took.  I also realised that I need to take those classes again....  I need to start using my flickr account too (if you don't have one Nicole, you need to get one...  AND I'd love access to yours, Lisa).

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