Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fro Ups

Tomorrow is October first and my committment to this blog has been saaaaaad.  So far, the boys still like school.  Because I have to drive  Gene to school just as their bus arrives they have to be ready earlier than ever and it's turned out to be a good thing.  They are now up, dressed, shoed, fed, brushed, cleaned and toileted 15 minutes before the bus is even due.  Gus has even been compliant.... happy even.  I still baby him the most; help with his clothes, offer him MANY different food choices etc.  But it's working.  AND I'm not yelling!

We contracted the stomach flu AND a nasty cold already.  (We may in fact have been the host family for the cold).  Everyone is struggling with illnesses this year.  I'll be getting my flu shots this year for sure, as will everyone else in the Peppard house.  Bay has only vomited one other time in her life and she was so sad and pathetic.  At one point she could feel that she was going to throw up again and she whimpered "Oh no.  Not again", in the saddest little voice.  Gus never got the flu.  Why ask why when it comes to Gus... viruses are weird like that, but still... we all had it and he lived here with us... and either the virus knows when it's met it's match or he is just too fast to allow a virus lodge itself on him.  It's certainly not due to any kind of personal cleanliness, of THAT I am SURE!

I am tired of the remodel.  I have been pretty good for a year and a half but this month Trent and I both felt jaded by it.  It's all coming together pretty quickly, but the last 6 or 7 things are staggering themselves around contractors schedules and it's enough to drive you crazy.  Trent looks for a tape measure six or eight times a week.  It's become a joke for me... but he really actually does lose them ALL  the TIME.  We now own about five of them but no one knows where any of them are.  Obviously I've made a variety of witty suggestions as to where he can look for one.

The hens have not laid and the rooster is a total wanker.  He struts around (I know.... like a rooster....), pushes the hens around, crows from about 4:30 a.m., monopolizes the food and is generally a pain in the ass.  I don't know why the hens put up with him.

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