Saturday, October 17, 2009

Did I mention that I can't drink Coke anymore???

My CF team is out of town at a CF conference.  So, I've been kind of figuring out this diabetes thing on my own for now.  My numbers are not THAT high that I have to worry (and I  HAVE talked to a nurse at the clinic who is covering the phones...  (however NOT to be mean, but I think that I answered most of my questions for her and I think she was pretty clueless to begin with).  She suggested that I (a) start testing my blood sugars regularly... fasting and pre-meals (DUH) and (b) that I avoid any of the "bad" foods...  (again...  REALLY???  Y'THINK?  DUH).  I am pretty sure that my bitchiness and cynicism have been impacted by my higher levels.  I'll catch up with the dietician when she gets back next week and I think I'm scheduled to be in clinic anyway the following week for a quarterly visit.  Let the games beGIN.

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