Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just in time for Halloween:

My last post was one of the lamest ever.  I was interrupted by Gus having a huge nightmare.  He hasn't had night terrors since he was little and although he's always been a sleep walker/wanderer he's never had nightmares.  He stumbled out of his room, then back in, then came back out.  He was disoriented and talking and his eyes were open but totally dilated.  (If you've never seen someone with their eyes dilated, believe me it's freaky!)  I brought him into our bed where he proceeded to kneel up, curl up (at one point STAND up), he was scared stiff with his little fists balled up and his heart pounding.  He couldn't really tell us what was scaring him, but he said things about "someone coming".  (There had been a suspicious person around their school the week previous and there was heightened security and some "stranger danger" talk).

He settled down after about 40 minutes, did okay for then next four nights but then had another.  This second one wasn't so bad and lasted a shorter time, but obviously showed a potential trend. 

So, Trent and I have decided : no more violent xbox games (yes, it's embarrassing to admit that our 8 year old has played the kinds of games that Gene was forbidden to bring into the house.  AND our movies are going back to PG only.  (That's going to be hard for me and Trent.... we like off the wall movies... and Gus won't be able to watch any of our cutting edge, gritty stuff....)  Damn it.

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