Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Family That Reads Together (is mostly doing it under duress)

As an experiment, we are reading My Friend Flicka as a family.  YES, that includes Gene.  I'm reading it aloud, a chapter or two a night, no ipods allowed, no texting.  Gene has not balked too much.  It's a great story (Gus's favorite).  I would like to find something that would appeal more to Gene but Gus has wanted me to reread Flicka for six months now. 

We have a great library here.  It's one of Bay's favorite places to go (mainly because there is a great little wooden kitchen which she pops into and brings me tea), but she also likes it because the boys (the little bastards) showed her the movie section.  We had a long talk in the car about the whole "point" of the library.... the REASON for the library... but the damage was done.  Our rule is that after she plays in the house, we find books and only then can she pick out ONE movie. 

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