Monday, October 19, 2009

or maybeeeeeeeeeeeee....

it's not diabetes at all and just a bladder infection....  Huh.  I went and had a blood draw today for my local doctor... He had given me lab orders to have a blood draw done in December to see where my blood sugars were at that time, but I figure by December I'll be insulin dependant so I just walked in and had it done.  He called this evening (yes, the DOCTOR actually called me.... huh.... nice.... and I wondered if I really wanted a local pulminologist.....)  to report that my blood sugar (A1C specifically....) was 7.3  with my actual blood sugar was a nice calm and collected 96.  This is so normal that had I NOT stopped buying coke I would have had one there and then.  (I might have one tomorrow....)  He suggested I do another lab tomorrow to rule out a bladder infection (which can raise blood sugars...   - who knew??)

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