Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Are Here

Bay unfolded a big map tonight at bedtime and asked Trent : "where is Auntie Dearbhla's house on this map"  it was a map of the peninsula, but anyway...  Here is where we all are...

Gene is : basketball, driving, smirking, schedule
Neil is : homework, fitting in, home, cooking
Gus is : loud, running, what-are-we-doing-today
Bay is : loud, bossing, directing, demanding, princess-shoes, pink, animals
Trent is : tractor
Dara is : chaos to order, yelling, picking up other people's shit, attitude, cooking
Our family is : mostly making it up as we go along, but we're still here, still talking (man, is there EVER a more talkingest crowd).  It's not always pretty and I'm a little worried that Gus's ipod has camcorder capabilities that could easily put us on youtube.  Heaven forBID.

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