Sunday, February 21, 2010

and then....

After spending the day fussing over my camera (well, maybe "fussing" is too harsh a word) Siri came in (there are always dogs and children coming in and out... we've had two attempts this weekend aLONE of one of the chickens actually gaining access to the back door and inner hallway - Chicken Run style).  Kids ran in after Siri, complicated versions of the incident were yelled by mulitple children at the same time.  As best as I can surmise : Siri had been out running with Drake when she side swiped a big sharp piece of tractor equipment (which was not being used at the time, but apparently is lethel enough even in an inactive state) which tore a huge area of skin off her side (makes me nauseous to even think of it).  Poor dog looked like she didn't know what hit her.  She is at the vet overnight but should be home tomorrow.  On a less important and yet related issue.... can the dogs NEVER do this shit on a weekday when we don't have to pay the EXTRA vet bill for dragging our poor vet to his office on a SUNDAY.  This is one reason we will never have a horse.  There are many, many, many, many other reasons, but this is ONE.

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