Thursday, February 18, 2010

Read Allowed (or not)

It could be MY fault for picking SUCH a long book, but I cannot seem to get through a chapter without Gus raising his hand with a question.  (Usually an inane question...)  After I exasperatedly explained to them agAIN how much energy reading aloud takes Gus offered me this advice:  "Mrs Curtin does THIS when we are supposed to put our hand down" and he made a kind of slashing motion.  I said "GUS!!!  You had BETTER not be interrupting your TEACHER with as many questions as you are asking me!!!!"

We are more than halfway through this great book, but it IS a 480 pager... and I might have been a little too zealous.  It's a book called "The Mysterious Benedict Soceity".... and there IS lots of mystery... and secrets... and cunning....  It's very good.  (I know this because I sneakily read ahead.... I couldn't help myself... the boys were slowing me down too much....)

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