Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy's Brains

Reading is established.  TV is gone.  Next on my list is diet.  We eat pretty well and I cook and bake a lot, but we aren't eating half enough fruit and vegetables.  It's true that in an incredible display of self-denial (I do like to draw as much attention to this as possible)  I no longer crave coke, but I haven't replaced it with water either.  I really, really, really need to do that.  After years of believing that the organic movement is mainly the result of overreaction (I mean, really...  REALLY???  our food sources are THAT unsafe?)  Well, through some online investigation and having lived out here and made choices to produce as much food as possible using the most natural processes possible I am starting to realize that I believe that a lot of the food we eat is contaminated and rendered (in many cases) unhealthy by the way we produce it or the methods by which we produce it.  I'm not going to go 100% organic.  But I am switching to organic dairy, locally raised (happy!!) salad bar beef and as much organic fruits and vegetables as I can afford.  I am considering a milking cow.  Yup.  A.  Milking.  Cow. (Don't tell my friend Jennifer.)

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