Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it still a blog if you don't ummmm actually blog?

Life is moving on.  Gene is established at his new school.  Half the reason for my lack of "blog" is that I don't feel at all free to blog about Gene....  Therefore if he is the one we are most focused on then the blog goes flat.  The little turkey (see??  I can't even TRY to blog about him without sounding fake....) made Honor Roll for the quarter he attended Crescent.  Now THAT was nice.

Gus is on the second week of restriction for bad behaviour.  He spends a lot of energy talking about how "stupid and dumb his life/restriction/house/family is".  This ironically leads to an extension of his restriction because once he starts this diatribe his mood darkens and he ends up dragging everyone down with him.  Hopefully, he'll never have to understand the concept of parole.

Mom and Dad are here!!  They are at Dearbhla's right now.  We should see them by the weekend!!

The basement smells like chick poo.  The newest babies are living in my carefully lined, unplumbed sink down there.  They need to be moved outside.  Ginny loves them.  Oh  HOW Ginny loves them!

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