Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gene. Can you bring me to town?

I suggested that Gene should take the written portion of his Driver's License test just to see how it read, what was expected... take some of the mystery out of it.  We headed into town early, the little ones and I waited while he took it and : "what the"...... He PASSED it!  Scored  in the high nineties.  Then the lady processing his paperwork asked when he wanted to do his actual test and added that she had a cancellation for that day if he wanted to come back after lunch.  Let's just cut to the chase here.  We killed some time in town, came back and by mid afternoon he was issued his actual Driver's License.  (This time I was prepared for the Organ Donor question, when Gene (predictably stalled and choked when asked the question) I stuck my noggin in her field of vision and said "Yes, he'll be an Organ Donor" and then rolled my eyes at Gene and asked "Have we not been through this already?? tsk tsk."

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