Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well Children.... well.... well.... well....

The doctor pronounced Bay "perfect".  She had giggled throughout the exam... giggled and answered his questions with her gorgeous five year lisp.  She giggled when he asked her if she was going to be going to kindergarten.  Then he lifted her down off the table and said "She's perfect."  Then he added (addressing Bay) "you make me laugh".  She wasn't giggling anymore after the nurse came in and administered four shots into her thighs.  She looked teary and shocked but didn't cry. The doctor had hightailed it by this time assuring his place as "good guy".  (Nurses get a bad rap from the under tens population.)   (I was ready for screaming and a hasty exit.)  We then headed downtown where Bay picked out two tiny plastic ponies and two plastic BARKING dogs.  I am quite certain that the dogs are of the type that is right now leaching chemicals into her body.  I am also quite certain that the battery inside those barking dogs is of the type that never, ever dies.


  1. Yay for Bay being so good getting her shots. I know Emma did a bit of terrified screachy screaming crying when she got hers done...

    And of course BAy is prefect... we've known it all along! ;) Her poor brothers!

  2. YAY!! I have enabled "comments"?? Yay me!!

  3. The girl will do anything for a toy. (This is bad, isn't it?!)

  4. No, not bad....can be very handy in certain circumstances!! :)


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