Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And about that....

Yuh.  Um.  I'm not going.  You can't make me.  Even Trent agrees.  I received a pile of paperwork from the "other" pulmonologist's office a few days ago, mostly focused on sleep disorders.  However it was the letter that included the following instruction that put me over the edge:  "if you do not completely fill in the 7 Day Sleep Log we may have to reschedule you".  SOME people (kind and patient people might not take offense) but this ticked me off.  I called the office and asked if it was necessary for me to fill in ALL this paperwork, particularly when I am an existing patient within their practice AND because I am NOT being seen for any kind of sleep disorder.  She said that I could skip the financial portion, but all the medical stuff needs to be filled in because "this IS a new doctor for you".  If I were still feeling crumby I'd go.  But, I really doubt this visit would bring me anything but (further) annoyance.  If they can't access the most basic of my medical records through THEIR clinic then this will be a fiasco.

My numbers are still getting better.  I'm at 1.82 now and working out consistently...  I don't need no new doctah.  I'm fine.   And anyway, I'm busy that day.  You concur, don't you Mike?


  1. Doctor Mike is driving in Georgia today.. he has tasked Nurse Heidi to tell you that he concurs!

  2. If I ask nicely Trent will do my bidding too!! Thanks Heidi! I'm sure you and Trent would have lots to talk about and very interesting conversations!


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