Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowed IN? Or Snowed OUT?

I didn't really get snowed IN in Bellingham, but I did get snowed OUT of Freshwater Bay Road.  My Thanksgiving Celebration with Dearbhla was extended by four days (which was fine with me!)  We had lots of fun, I got to go to Target and squeezed in a trip to my favorite Goodwill.  Gus missed Trent horribly.  His moods swung accordingly.  The forbidden words "dumb" and "stupid" were in frequent use, as was the not forbidden though overused word "annoying". 

Dearbhla makes these ridiculous Vegetable Smoothies and the idea has taken hold in our house, with even neighbor kids coming by to drink the bright green, veggie packed, mineral rich, icy slush!  Trent is reluctant but I added extra fruit to yesterday's and he admitted it was "okay".  Food color can be a powerful stimulant or an even more powerful depressant!!!  A bright green drink is a hard sell, but four out of six of us are on board.  Gene likes it because I told him : "you drink this and you don't have to eat another vegetable for the rest of the day".   Here's the ingredient lineup:
Kale, Handful of raw almonds, celery, apple, pear, banana, squeeze of lemon juice, tablespoon of honey, strawberries, ice.
The look is "yuck".  The taste is surprisingly fruity.  The boys still agree that "chugging" it is the only way to get it down! 


  1. Hey, I was thinking about you this morning, wondering if you had been snowed in without internet since you have been so quiet lately. :) Glad to see your post! Sorry you guys are in the snow! Is this a good time to tell you how lovely Quartzite is right now ;P I suppose not...Bad Mike!

    Pretty sneaky hiding all those "good for you" things in a smoothy! If they can get the green stuff down, they are doing better than me! You would have to find a way to make it purple or maybe red to get me to fall for it! Dad used to have that all figured out, maybe you should wonder up the hill and ask him his tricks :) He is a master smoothy disguiser!

    Be well and stay warm!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. I keep missing your dad!! I've gone up a few times and he hasn't been home... Maybe I'll bring him a smoothie and we can swap favorite ingredients and sneaky tactics! In fairness my smoothies are much more purple than my sister's! Warm weather? I can't even imagine such a thing!!! Bad! Bad Mike! Hi to Heidi!


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