Sunday, September 11, 2011

and again - Gus

One of the boys who is here a lot complained to my that "Dara?  Gus is being really, really MEAN to me... he called me a "big, fat, idiot".  These words are on the frequently ignored "Do Not Use" List (DNU).  Mikey (the victim) is feared as one of the most intimidating lineman on our football team.  He is 6'4, 250 lbs.  Gus defended his words insisting that Mikey had "flipped me off".  I record this story as a classic Gus.  We did not celebrate his outburst and he is under strict instructions to "BE  NICE  to the TEENAGERS", but it IS indicitive of a fearless kid who takes no shit from nobody.  We are actively working on Gus'
nurturing skills.

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