Saturday, October 22, 2011

Littlest heathen

Bay is going to church tomorrow with friends.  I attempted the crash course (God 101, 58 words or less)  at bedtime.  It wasn't simple.... to begin with Bay said she already knew who Jesus was...." he was a good guy whose brothers sold him to some people...."  I asked if she was talking about JOSEPH and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?  Turns out, she was.  (She highly recommends the Disney movie.)  I don't feel too bad about this, after all it's the right book just the wrong character.  She was all over the dressing up for church idea.  That got her thinking.  She says she will wear a dress.  (I've heard this too many times before and had my hopes dashed so this does not get me as excited as it once might have.)  We spent much longer picking out the dress than we did discussing God.  (In fairness this probably applies to most people before going to church.)  As I closed the topic for the evening I reminded her that God had a son and his name is Jesus.  And SHE said "Jesus Christ is actually someone's NAME????"

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  1. My kids still snicker a little when I say "Jesus Christ" referring to the actual person. They're just sure I'm swearing. Love it. So funny.


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