Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teenagers: what's not to love?

Teenagers are at best unpredictable.  But I like them.  We really, truly don't know what we are doing when it comes to raising them.  Just about the time you get to get your hands on your VERY own teenager, the universe shifts and the gap between the generations ROAR and you are at a loss how to a) speak their language, b) relate to their environment or c) appreciate their taste in clothing/music/food.  SOMETHING.  Trent and I consider ourselves fairly in-tune.  We actually like a lot of the kids music and most of their taste in movies.  AND we have a decent sense of humor.  AND we don't freak out over stuff our parents freaked out over.  (We have our own standard regarding what we freak out over.  Evidently, EVERY generation refuses to freak out over some shit their parents generation found unpardonable and then finds some other shit to freak out over that the NEXT generation will completely accept as normal.  We have decided that THIS (and only this) is the only damn, fucking truth.  It might be the BIG secret.)

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