Friday, January 20, 2012

what's that Phil Lynnot song?

It's a good thing that regardless of how bad we mess up the teenage years with Gene, we get to start again with the others messing up their teenage years too and making a whole new set of rules and mistakes.  Maybe because he is the eldest by four whole years the focus is on him a wee bit too much.  I know that I have been overly involved in his life and relationships in the past and now it's time for me to step back.  Step a-way from the growing boy.  Let him make his own mistakes.  Let him try out a few choices on his own.  The results might not necessarily be all bad.  Today when Mikey said something inappropriate to one of Neil's friends, Gene yelled from a nearby room "MIKEY!  CUT that OUT.  You're JUST going to make them feel AWKWARD".  (I was very surprised.  Gene is no stranger to making people feel awkward.)  I should add the interaction that followed when Mikey yelled "WHERE are you Gene?"  Gene yelled back "I'm in the BATHROOM taking a SHIT".  The inference here is that maturity comes in tiny, tiny steps and that it might take many, many years to learn to temper all that noise and energy into a walking, talking, gentleman.  And the song?

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