Friday, February 3, 2012


Three nebulizer treatments twice a day is sometimes six too many depending on the day.  But it really, really, really is ALWAYS  TWO too many.  Gah.  I do not have time to sit here for an hour twice a day.  I actually DO have time.  But I do not WANT to.  Whine over.  For now.  (And could they not make the God-damned machine a little QUIETER?)


  1. Hey Sweet Neighbor, I never actually sit for a whole treatment :) I used to, but now with the little clever nebulizer, it is too efficient with the stuff and would last me way too long for one treatment. If you are looking for quiet and efficient, seriously consider one of these (Omron Micro-Air) It is silent and completely portable to the point of keeping it with you all the time.

    Oh No! I am starting to sound like a commercial! Sorry, I have no stake in the game :)

    Hugs to all!

  2. Mike - is it rated for Pulmozyme? (Not sure why Pulmozyme needed a "special" neb.... but I remember being to told to only use Pari... I'm going to re-visit Omron....


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