Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We have another child... what's his name... the middle guy...

Neil is cool and calm.  He is loud but not destructive.  He has a girlfriend.  He is a closet swearer.  His sassy side is becoming more and more apparent.  I get emails from the school far more frequently than I would have guessed regarding his potential for disruptive behaviour.  At his age Gene did not have a single complaint against him.  By the time Gus is his age his academic career file may take up a whole shelf by itself.  But, Neil is funny and kind and more apt to help out if he sees me getting overwhelmed by the grind of daily housework.  Gene is very like me by nature, he's a people person although he has a tendency to be a wee bit morose.  Neil is way more Trent, laid back and affable.

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