Tuesday, March 20, 2012

928 31**

When I see the school's number on my caller ID I used to wonder what was going on at school that necessitated calling ME.  Now I see the number and I ask: Huh.  I wonder what GUS wants.  This year he seems to be able to pick up the phone during the day and just check in.  Yesterday it was: "Hey mom, it's Gus".  Me: "Hey Gus!  What's going on?"  Gus: "Oh.  I just wanted to tell you that I got my test back?"  (He raises his voice at the end of most sentences making himself sound so young and making each statement sound like a question.)  Me: "Oh!  How did you do?"  (I say "Oh." a lot.)  Gus: "Well.  I got 100% at a 5.5".  (I think this is Fifth Grade Math, fifth month, but I'm NOT   SURE.)  Gus: "It was a REALLY hard test with like (!) multiplication and division and EVERYTHING."  Me: "Oh that's SO great!!  Good job sweetie!!  Now you should PROBABLY go back to class and get busy, k?"  (I know perfectly well that he is calling FROM the damn classroom because I can CLEARLY hear his teacher's voice.)  Gus: "Oh.  Okay.  Bye."  And then the little fucker just HANGS up on me!

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