Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit.

What you say when you realize that you just administered 12 units of fast acting insulin subcutaneously as opposed to 12 units of long acting insulin subcutaneously.  Then you slow the panic.... do the math.  Make a note of you blood sugar, write a note explaining the dumbass thing you just did in case you need someone to figure OUT the dumbass thing you did after your dumbass hits the ground.  Then you start administering all the delicious sugar you usually are denied.  (But it's not like it's fun when you are doing it to combat sugar crash.)  But if you are smart (like me.... well.... like I usually am... not that I was displaying my smartness at the time of the insulin mix-up this morning) you avoid the crash.  You feel like an idiot.  But you avoid the crash.   So far this morning: Two loads of laundry - check.  Dishwasher emptied - check.  Avoidance of major medical emergency - check.  Not bad considering it's only 10a.m.


  1. Wow! See what I get for not reading blogs for so long! I have been completely out of touch, I never realized how much the diabetes affected you! I feel really stupid now for my last email :(

    I am glad it seems you survived it all okay! I am going to be in trouble if I ever have to keep track of this stuff myself to this degree!


  2. HONESTLY!! We laugh about this stuff ALL the time!! No apology necessary! In fact your apology is inappropriate!! I loved your Drake comment AND based on this post of mine you have to wonder "Does she REALLY know what she's doing at ALL?"!! Love you neighbor-guys!


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