Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is what Bay frantically yelled at me a few nights ago from her bedroom.  She had been playing quietly in there with her newest baby (although fully feathered and outdoor-ready) chicken.  I ran in (never downplay a chicken emergency, not with their propensity for continuous poop).  Bay met me, wild-eyed, chicken-in-arms yelling: "It's BLEEDING!  It's TOE is BLEEDING!"  Sure enough, it's toe was bleeding.  (Toe?  I dunno....  talon??  Whatev.)  Mikey (in true big brother fashion) suggested an Angry Birds Band-Aid (which Bay got for her birthday from Neil).  Bay was NOT amused.  The chicken recovered.  Bay held his band-aided toe in a kitchen towel and applied gentle pressure and soothing noises of comfort.  A little while later Gus emerged from her room, triumphant, brandishing a nail clippers and nail file.  They were found next to the chickens bed.  Bay was horrified and indignant and OBVIOUSLY guilt-ridden.  The boys thought it was hilarious.  Bay went to bed and sobbed herself to sleep.  (It was very sad.)  The chicken slept with her sister chickens in the coop and has made a complete recovery.  Bay has not attempted any more chicken pedicures.


  1. I miss experiencing these stories first hand! I can totally picture this one.

  2. I'm just not sure what would have happened if we hadn't had the "emergency". I'm picturing tiny, creepy little painted chicken toe nails..... Ewwww.


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