Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Acting quickly in the face of potential emergency? (The non-chicken kind.) Our score? EPIC FAIL.

I have outlined the protocol for using the LIFE  SAVING  GLUCAGON three times now.  It's not complicated.  I started with Gene tonight and said : "So.  Gene.  You know the protocol for the glucagon, right?  To which Gene replied:  "Huh?  Oh.... you mean your shot thing?  Yeah."  Then to prove himself he turned around and opened the WRONG drawer and dug around before saying: "Uh... wasn't it in HERE?  (Giggle)".  Gene - FAIL.
Then I asked Gus.  He promptly opened the correct drawer and quickly located the bright red box containing the shot.  Then (just as I was feeling the love) he grumbled:  "Except I can't open it"  And I said: "It should just pop right out" (referring to the little syringe).  To which Gus answered: "No.  I mean I can't get this red box open".  Gus - FAIL.
Obviously Trent would not let me down so I sought comfort from my rock.  Trent nodded assuredly and said: "Well.  FIRST we call 911".  Me:  "FOR  FUCK  SAKE!!  DID you NOT read the paperwork I gave you?  It CLEARLY  states: DO  NOT  CALL  911  FIRST!!  FIRST  ADMINISTER  SHOT - THEN call 911.  (It's even in BOLD TYPE and CAPITALIZED.)  Trent - FAIL. 
Tomorrow I will check Neil, Bay and Mike.  Then I will try to insure that I never have another low blood sugar episode.  JEEEEZE.


  1. Hey, you can probably teach Drake! You know how smart he is :) (Just kidding Trent!) LOL!


  2. Drake (currently sleeping ON my feet) is almost always here, so he has better odds of saving me based on that alone!! And, let's face it, looking at the others lame attempts
    Drake is not a bad option....


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