Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Pounds (aka Lisa's story, seeing as I copied and pasted this from the email I sent her.)

Gus came with me to the U this week (cause we home-fucking-school and go EVERY-fucking-where together)... Anyway.... I had two appts back to back... one with dietician, one with diabetes doc. The first one was running a little late but I was committed to keeping her focused and getting us out of there so we could do something fun.... Gus was WAY into it cause she had all this RUBBER food to show people  what a "normal" serving size of something looks like. Gus. Loved. The. Rubber. Food. Then she showed him 5 pounds of lifelike rubber fat!! (Like what it looks like if its on your lap.... belly fat... y'know?) God. He was SO intrigued. And SHE was eating out of his hand. He was completely invested which only charmed her more. 

I'm still working on keeping the meeting going cause there really isn't much for me to learn but I had to meet her to check the box for the insurance company in order to get an insulin pump. I was feeling like there was light at the end of the tunnel and we were changing our pitch in conversation indicating we were almost done.... and as she started gathering up her papers and stuff GUS SAID: "So HOW DOES insulin WORK anyway??" OH MY GOD. The lady's eyes lit up and she took a deep breath allowing me interrupt and say "Hey. We have a ferry to catch. I'll tell you ALL about insulin on the FERRY." (This lady's impression of "Homeschool Moms" just went waaaaay down. I mean REALLY??? HOW DOES INSULIN WORK????? We would have been there for another HOUR!!!!! She probably had molecular models someplace she would have grabbed for him. This lady would have made a great teacher.... or home-school-mom...)


  1. I'm sorry but I cannot stop laughing at this. How I miss hat kid!

  2. I LOVE Gus! And i love that i made it into the title of the post. What an honor!! :)


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