Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teenagers. An update.

Gene is 18.   I don't quite know how in the name of Jesus that happened.  But it's obviously true - he towers over me and is as completely independent as any 18 year old believes themselves to be.  He still actually talks to us.  We still know most of what is going on in his life (or at least as much as he wants us to and so far that is working for us, because if there is more and I don't know about it, then that's ok.  I know a lot.  I definitely know enough).  (The girl in the photo is back and we like that a lot.)

The teenage thing though?  It's impossible to know if we are getting it right.  We still have lots of extra kids here.  They do nothing but eat.  This summer was a little different in that most of Gene's friends have had full time jobs.  There have been far less mornings where we've woken up wondering how many we would have for breakfast (and often that number was five or more.)  I like them.  I like that they like us.  But they are SO damn noisy!  And so fucking messy!  And seriously profane.


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  2. If that's Neil on the left then Oy, you are getting old. You have to be because just looking at the picture and seeing that the little boy I used to get hugs from can now lift a car makes me feel ancient.
    You two are doing a fabulous job. You have wonderful, sweet children.(At least to the rest of us and that's all that matters.)
    Miss you and love to get updates via the blog, but we must get together soon. -Julie

  3. You will be pleased to hear that he is still a hugger!!!


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