Monday, February 18, 2013


When we moved here I joked about not wanting any.  It appears that we are lucky to have more that we would ever have thought.  Trent and I were (for a time) often the "young couple" or the "couple with ALL  THOSE  KIDS"....  now we find ourselves in the role of "older couple" or "older couple with ALL  THOSE  TEENAGERS".  I'm realizing that the age doesn't matter or whether our friends have kids or no kids or dogs or llamas.  We like people.  We like having people over for food and drink and cribbage and talk.  We used to talk about how as we got older we needed to stay involved in things outside of just ourselves and our house.  But I'm starting to think that we might get away without having to find something to do to keep us vibrant all we need comes right to us through our front door: our peeps. 


  1. Reading your blog is like getting a letter in the mail from a lovely friend you haven't spoken to in a while. We miss you all like crazy and think about you often.
    I know we say this all the time, but we have to come see you soon. The last time I saw Ms. Bay she fit in a toy box. (I know because I still have the picture.)
    Tell us what the best month is for a little Peppard love time. We'll make it happen.
    xoxo-your Seattle Peeps, Julie, Gigi and Gina
    P.S.I curse diabetes on your behalf and love how you don't let it own you.

  2. OHHHH! You wouldn't believe how much we talk about you guys and how many of the kids "childhood" memories revolve around you!! Gene graduates June 15th and we are planning a huge party.... with lots of tenting. I'm not sure he will graduate if you guys can't attend!!!! Are you available???

  3. We have some wonderful memories of chatting(for hours) and eating(many meals) with you guys and I am so happy we do! Wish we were closer! I miss the heck out of all of you!


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