Tuesday, February 12, 2013


See?  I don't even capitalize it.  I don't give my diabetes the respect it deserves.  It's a learning curve... and I'm still at the bottom....  Busy days are my diabetic enemy.  I don't like to plan for eating.  I still want to be able to run on fumes and not worry.  Yesterday was one errand, one meeting, one phone call after another.  By the time I sat down at the school at 6pm for a 30 minute (thank fuck for short meetings!) meeting I pondered food/insulin/blood sugars.  My sensor is gone temporarily so I didn't have a method to quickly check....

And  then there was this GIANT plate of cookies.
They were store bought, suspiciously colored and garishly sprinkled.
A man sat next to them and he had a cough.

It was time to go and I KNEW that I wasn't bottoming out.  But I also knew that I wasn't confident enough to put myself behind the wheel.

I ate two garish, be-sprinkled, germ dusted cookies.

At home I checked in at 78 so given the choices and the potential consequences I made the right decision.

Lesson learned: I placed a juice pack and 3 granola bars in the car.
                               I dug out my old back-up meter and put IT in the car too.
                               Now I can check AND treat.  (And drive.)

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