Sunday, February 16, 2014

In which Bay finds herself Home Alone.

I have only had a "job" for six months.  AND it's a part-time one at that.  The inevitable happens;  Bay gets the bus home instead of staying at school for Little Loggers Cheerleading.  No one is home.  She gets the computer set up on the dining room table.  Gets a placemat (towel) and pours her self a big bowl of chocolate cereal.  Either does not notice (Bay can be oblivious) or does not care that there is no one else home.  Settles in to some tacky high-pitched California tween-show.

Later on that evening I asked her, "Bay....  I love that you were okay with being here alone.... were you a bit scared or worried at all?"
Bay, in that chirpy little giving-very-little-thought-to-the-question: "No."
Me: You DO know the rules if you are ever home alone, right???  (These rules would be: don't cook anything.... don't turn the stove on and in Gus's case : don't light any fires or cut down any trees.)  (Literally....  there's  a true story there in that last bit.)
Bay, in a bored, singsong voice : "Yeah mom, no parties.... and no friends stay over if you aren't here".
Huh.  Not SOOOO oblivious that she doesn't know the TEENAGERS rules of Home Alone.

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