Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breakneck Speed

Question I was asked today:  "Seriously though, do you have ANY realistic idea of how cool your kid is?"

Gus came along, number three boy after two chubby-bubby, laid back, take it slow past due-date babies.  He came early: a tiny alien thing to us....   Small boned, curly headed and absolutely gorgeous.  He walked early, climbed early, drove early.  His sister who came four five years later was a perfect antidote....  she was late, plump and took forEVER to walk.  (Her paternal grandmother, seriously suggested that she would probably need "braces" to walk.)

At some point this kid appears to have broken his neck.  Yep. Tomorrow we will find out if it was congenital or if it is something that happened and we managed to miss.

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