Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free Stuff

February has been a month of change. Gus going back to school has been this big elephant in the room I'm trying hard not to acknowledge. I sort of feel like I could've tried harder and I sort of hope that the school isn't so successful so that we can step in and take over again... start fresh. But I am also sort of (a lot) relieved to take a break.

The days are so much longer and we are getting to spend time out of doors. That feels so nice (and I'm not even an outdoors person!)

The house hasn't sold (and probably isn't very likely to) but it feels okay to say that. Kate is doing everything humanly possible to sell it. Sometimes I think it's even harder for her, because she wants to sell if for us (... nothing to do with HER gains... this is to do with her wanting to sell it for US). She is a freakin' great realtor. It will sell (some day) and in the meantime we are enjoying a life uncomplicated by remodeling, but even more so uncomplicated by all our "stuff". How Trent and I LOVE our "stuff"... we have such nice "stuff"... but it's been interesting to be without it. Everyone we've met here only knows us by what they've seen since we moved here. We essentially, look like we have NO taste and NO ambition! We have camping chairs in our "dining" room and Bay sleeps in a port-a-crib in our room. For the love of God! We are definitely living on the piggy side. How funny to find that we are kind of liberated by it! And funnily enough, the world hasn't stopped turning and none of the children has grown a third arm. We have no cable, no dishwasher, one bathroom... and we seem to be surviving. We actually seem to be having fun. Fun is good. Fun is free (thanks be to Jesus....)

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