Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gus's last day Homeschooliing

So, we've made a decision. Gus will start at Crescent this Friday. Monday is a holiday, so starting him Friday with a long weekend and a short week next week may make the transition a little easier. He cannot wait to go. He is insisting that he get the bus on Friday. I don't really know how I feel. Conflicted might be the most honest description. On one hand, I have felt really frustrated that I haven't been able to help him enough. He's made some great progress in some areas.... but in reading and writing... I only took him a little way and then we stagnated. On the other hand, I am ashamed to say that I feel kind of relieved that someone else is taking over. It's not my problem anymore... and that feels like a huge weight's been lifted from me. Trent and I both spoke to him about his needing to stick with school... this isn't a trial run. Our little Gussey being well known for the volatile nature of his likes and dislikes!! Trent and I have agreed though, that the fact that we are sending him back to public school does not necessarily mean that public school is where he is going to stay until he graduates. One thing I have learned throughout this process is that one size does NOT fit all, when it comes to education. I doubt we have come to the end of our quest for lifelong academic happiness for Gussey.

Oh and... because I am oh-so-smug... what did I do on his last day. We tried to have school. I can't believe all that I have NOT learned. This was a perfect day to just "take a day" and make it a really positive party-day all about Gus and fun and school and and and No, I turned it into a one-last-argument.... I'm still learning...

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