Monday, April 6, 2009

America's Favorite Pastime

Suffice to say that you would need a degree in higher math to work out the schedule for all three boys to play baseball. Obviously, they are all on different teams. They are all really excited about it. Trent is too. I am the only one with a bit of an attitude about how all this sports time is supposed to benefit us as a family. I have grown to accept sports as a part of a boys growing up. I will admit how good it is for their self esteem. I can see how healthy it is. I understand the lessons to be learned from playing on a team. BUT... at what cost? At a certain point we all seem to be willing to throw our family time to the winds and settle for scrappy little hours here and there in between games and practices. Obviously, I'm taking a more extreme view because our situation is a little extreme with all THREE playing separately. But I still say that Americans don't value downtime enough. Free time. Play time. Time for kids to complain about being BORED. Rant over.

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